One of my greatest frustrations is blatant misinformation. 

In today's world, lies and falsehoods spread faster than we can contain them. They hop from account to account, blog to blog, chat room to chat room...

And no one ever questions it. 

The brain runs on autopilot in the age of social media. Information in, acceptance, move on. 

I am here to provide relief. Fix your stupid with this website. Thank you.



I want to thank every single person that has stood by Johnny Depp's side from the beginning. All of my Twitter friends, Izzy (both), Cleo, Kari, Lani...all of you. Brian (and your wife) for your amazing videos. Brooke, Lauren, Noodle (Alyssa), Vicky, Nina, Gabi, Bette, Zelda, Jo, Adam Waldman, Natalia, Carollynne, Angie, Andrea, Vivian, Laura, Nikki, Annika, Jamie, Brianna, Connie, Juliette, Julie, Katie, Qwerty...

Greg Williams, Marilyn, Gina, Stephen, Victoria/Shane, Tim, Ross Halfin, Paul, Tommy, Glen, Alice, Lily-Rose, Jack, Vanessa, Paul, Laurence, Terry, Damien, Joanne, David Yates...

I want to thank everyone that has seen the truth recently.

I want to thank Johnny himself for being a beacon of strength. 



Please refrain from sending me any messages asking where Autumn on Venus's (or Elle-Rose) videos are on this website. I previously had them included, but after some deliberation, I felt that her behavior and behavior that she condoned towards myself and others was more disturbing than her videos were beneficial. I will not be including any in the future, and I will not support any of her videos on social media. If you would like to know the story, please visit this link: LINK

This is not out of pettiness, a need for drama, or trying to bring the issue back up again. Elle-Rose is a prominent figure in the world of JD, and her videos being absent on a website built to include all info on JD that exists brings up a question mark to people. I only wanted to explain. Please refrain from sending Elle-Rose messages, and please refrain from talking about it on social media. 

I will ignore tweets or messages I get about it. I do not wish to talk about it. I do not wish for anyone else to talk about it. 

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