The Sun Lawsuit

I am going to include more information on the Sun lawsuit in its own section, but I will go over the documents Johnny has submitted in court, along with any other pieces of information that are important. 

Johnny Depp's declaration in the Sun case. 

I consider myself a competent fair thinking person. So when I say that none of this is meant to force anyone to believe one person or the other, I mean it. I am only giving my honest thoughts and analysis concerning the events mentioned in the declaration. Disagree with me if you want, it does not matter to me. 



This analysis will be done page by page, item by item (I may skip a few). Please let me know your thoughts on my Twitter (@thyquaintwench), if you have any. 


Let's get started.  

Item 2

This one is pretty self explanatory. Johnny is stating here that everything he is about to say is the truth, to his knowledge. He also cites that it is the truth based on his evidence, the witness statements, and other sources. 

Item 3

In the first sentence, he refers to "The Defendants' application dated 29 November 2018". The statement he is referring to the Sun attempting to stall Johnny's court case until he allows Amber to testify on the Sun's behalf about her side of the story. He states that Amber is not a part of this case. The rest of the paragraph talks about how Johnny should not seek any legal action IN RESPONSE to Amber testifying for the Sun, because that would be a move to silence her. 

It is important to note that this move failed. The judge ruled in Johnny's favor that he nor his legal team had made no attempt to prevent Amber from testifying. 

The reason for this statement is to correct the Sun's incorrect assertion that Johnny had somehow been preventing Amber from testifying, which was not the case. 

Item 6

This paragraph includes Johnny's interpretation of Dan Wootton's article, which is the entire reason he is suing the Sun. He says that the article included "words" that suggested that he was guilty of abusing Amber Heard based on overwhelming evidence. The article also suggested that Johnny had been forced to pay Amber "five million pounds" to "compensate" for his "behavior". The article also alleges that he is still under a continued restraining order, and that he is not fit to work in the film industry. 


Being that we are talking about this information, I will explain why none of this is true. 

  • There was no "overwhelming evidence". There were a few pictures that Heard refused to produce metadata for, a few witness statements that completely contradicted one another, and...that's it. 

  • Johnny was never forced to pay Amber any money to compensate for his behavior...because number one, the payment was given to Amber due to her being entitled to it by California divorce law, and because there was no behavior to be compensated for. 

  • The restraining order was dropped, and it was temporary to begin with. 

  • Being that there was no behavior, no continued restraining order, and no evidence, there is no reason that Johnny should not be able to work in the film industry. 

Item 8

Here, a "defence of truth" is defined as this: Truth is an absolute defense to defamation. Remember that defamation is a false statement of fact. So, if the statement was accurate, then by definition it wasn’t defamatory.

What is interesting here is that the SUN is using a defense of truth. What this means is that they have to PROVE that what they are saying is true. That have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnny Depp beat Amber Heard. 

Which is something that they cannot do, so them using a defense of truth is a waste of time. 

Item 9/9A

In this paragraph, Johnny cites the statements from Officer Saenz, and Officer Hadden. They stated that they never saw any damage in the condominium, and after observing Amber in good light, they did not see any injuries on her face. 

Amber swore in her deposition that the officers not only saw the damage in the condo, but they saw her injuries and then said they didn't. Amber suggested that the officers straight up lied in their statements. 

There is also the fact that Raquel Pennington stated that she took photos of Amber's face and the damage in the condo BEFORE the police officers arrived there. 

...but all of that mysteriously disappeared by the time the cops got there?

Item 10

Here it directly states that the officers told the same story in their separate depositions (something that Heard, Pennington, and iO failed to do), and that if the photos taken by Raquel were taken at the time Raquel said they were (which is unlikely), they were not of an injury caused by Johnny, being that the police saw no sign of any injury on Amber's face. 

This also says that hardcopy photos were submitted into evidence, but no metadata could be produced, and the original images were not produced either. This means that the time, camera, or any other information necessary to determining the authenticity of these images were not given by Amber. Suspicious, no?

Item 11

This is very important. Johnny is stating that the Sun (and Dan Wootton) failed to consider evidence that contradict Amber's claims, specifically the police officer's statements, and the lack of willingness to produce information for the photos. Johnny states that the Sun must have actively decided to present a completely one-sided picture, and ignore his side of the story, just to garner attention. 


This is not much of a surprise being that it IS the Sun, but the extent to which they failed to even print ONE bit of truth is abhorrent. Dan Wootton should not be a journalist.  

Item 12/a

To everyone saying Johnny doesn't have "any evidence", this is a witness statement from Sean Bett, a member of his security team that was there on the May 21st incident, when Johnny allegedly threw a cell phone at her face.

Sean states clearly that he was witness to an "altercation" between Johnny and Amber. According to Johnny's account of this evening, Jerry Judge and Sean were standing just outside the door until the point that they entered the condo. According to Raquel's and Amber's accounts, Jerry and Sean were invisible. They never mention them in their declarations. 

Sean says that they stood outside for at least a period of 15-20 minutes, and when they heard Amber screaming, they entered the condo. Johnny was standing 20 feet away from her. 

It is important to note the following this at this point:

  • Amber only appeared to be "scared" once Jerry and Sean entered. 

  • She had no sign of injury. 

  • Amber clearly stated "if he hits me one more time, I'm calling the police"...and I can infer that she evidently said this evenly and without distress. 

  • Sean states that he saw "no glass in the condo" would think that with how Amber described Johnny breaking "everything", Sean would have seen some damage. 

Again, Amber and Raquel fail to mention ever seeing Jerry Judge and Sean Bett outside of the condo. Their account of what happened once the two entered the condo is entirely different too. They claim that the two security guards just stood there and watched as Johnny terrorized Amber. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like a security guard, regardless of who they are employed by, would not just stand there while their employer abused his wife.

Item 12/b

This is Jerry Judge's declaration, or at least part of it. He states that he was with Johnny all the way up until the events described (differently) in both Johnny's and Amber's declarations. This is important, because he clearly states that he did not see Johnny drink any alcohol or consume any drugs. According to Amber, he had a frequent drug and alcohol problem, which caused many of his "violent outbursts", and caused him to be very paranoid. 

He was sober when they arrived at the condo. It is also important to note that Johnny brought Jerry Judge and Sean Bett with him on purpose because he wasn't sure what Amber might do. He knew that she was going to do something, but he didn't know what. 

Jerry states that he did not observe Johnny break anything, or touch Amber during the entire time that he was in the condo. This corroborates Sean's account. 

Item 12/c

This is the sworn declaration of Isaac Baruch, one of their neighbors. The events in his declaration take place the next day, May 22nd, and several days following. 

First, he states that he observed Amber the following day in the hallway. Amber allegedly said that "he hit me, he threw a phone at me"...except she says it in a manner that you might say "oh good morning, I am so happy to see you". 

According to Isaac, there were no marks or bruises on her face. Amber also "stretched her neck" out to show him the "injuries". To the average person, this might not raise any alarms (even though it should). 

However, this is why this sounds strange to me. Since Amber evidently experienced these violent attacks just the night before...number one, it doesn't sound like she got any medical attention...number two, I don't think she would be talking about it in an excited and animated voice, and I certainly don't think she would deliberately show anyone her injuries. It sounds like to me she was proud of her attempt to pretend. She wanted to talk about it, just like any narcissistic abuser wants to do.  

Item 12/d

First, I want to note that Trinity Esparza, head of desk staffing and security at the Eastern Columbia Building, does not work for Johnny Depp. She works for the building. She has no reason to lie for Johnny Depp (and neither did Isaac Baruch). 

This piece is very interesting, and it deals with the statement that the building staff gave to People Magazine about never having seen Amber with any injuries. Amber approached Trinity and essentially wanted her and the staff to retract the statement. It is awfully inconvenient for a narcissist trying to be an abuse victim to have witnesses stating they never saw her with any injuries. 

Evidently, she has a "friend" at People Magazine (most likely the person that wrote the cover story)...there was nothing on her face all week...and then Trinity notes that "suddenly she had a mark on her face". 

So how did that get there? There was nothing on her from the alleged May 21st attack...and Heard probably would have mentioned another attack so close to that one....

Item 12/e

Yet another employee of the Eastern Columbia Building stating that he never saw any injuries on her face. I know you are still saying "well they are just lying for him"...but does it really make sense for an extensive group of people to lie about seeing marks on a woman's face? Especially the specificity that this declaration Q and A was conducted. 

No swelling, red marks, bruising, or cuts. 

This interaction is also interesting because at one point, Johnny's wine expense was commented on...but it appears that Amber is the one buying all of the wine.

Item 12/f,g

The first item is security camera footage showing Amber Heard without injuries. Someone on Twitter suggested that security cameras cannot pick up that level of detail...I mean, sure, if we are talking about security cameras in the 80's.

Now, they capture footage in 4K resolution, and you can zoom in to see the most minute detail. Considering this is an apartment building in Downtown would think that they have a lot of wealthy residents...meaning they would need security cameras capable of doing a satisfactory job. 

The second item is very interesting. These are text messages between Katherine Kendall (one of the Weinstein accusers) and the reporter that interviewed her. 

Item 14

This, right here, is for ALL of the people that claim that Johnny "waited three years" and "suddenly remembered the abuse". 

He didn't suddenly remember anything. Amber decided to drop the restraining order, and settle the divorce before he could challenge her restraining order. He also states, again, that the financial settlement (five million pounds) was in respect to the DIVORCE. Not the abuse allegations. 

Item 16

Ms. Heard dismissed her restraining order (which, remember, was only temporary) with prejudice (meaning that she can never re-file it) on August 16th, 2016. 

This also states that neither Amber or Johnny made themselves out to be the "winner". The Sun failed to consider this.

Item 19

This, right here, is why Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for her op-ed in the Washington Post. 

Their divorce agreement forbids both of them from either explicitly or indirectly talking about the divorce or the allegations.

Item 24

Johnny is saying that, first, he was willing to walk away from Amber in 2016 and move on. 

Evidently, she wasn't. 

He is also saying that the agreement from the divorce does not stop him from suing a third party.

Item 26

Ms. Heard dismissed her restraining order (which, remember, was only temporary) with prejudice (meaning that she can never re-file it) on August 16th, 2016. 

This also states that neither Amber or Johnny made themselves out to be the "winner". The Sun failed to consider this.

Item 27

Ms. Heard dismissed her restraining order (which, remember, was only temporary) with prejudice (meaning that she can never re-file it) on August 16th, 2016. 

This also states that neither Amber or Johnny made themselves out to be the "winner". The Sun failed to consider this.

Item 28

Ms. Heard dismissed her restraining order (which, remember, was only temporary) with prejudice (meaning that she can never re-file it) on August 16th, 2016. 

This also states that neither Amber or Johnny made themselves out to be the "winner". The Sun failed to consider this.

Item 51

Johnny Depp is not silencing Amber Heard. He has openly stated that she is free to do whatever she wishes in regards to the Sun and their case. 

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