*Since I wrote this, it has been revealed that Depp did write the messages in paint while in shock after Heard abused him.

Ms. Fenton,

I was asked to, and I quote, "rip your article to pieces". 

Sounds like fun.

A professional journalist is supposed to operate under an objective point of view. You failed right from the get go in your headline - "Johnny Depp fans have been quick to say he's "vindicated" from abuse claims, but there is no proof he is innocent". 

I am about to give you proof, since I know you made little to no effort to actually research his side of the case. If you had, this poor article wouldn't exist. 

In a California court (and I would assume most state courts), if a judge reviews a domestic violence case, which includes the evidence, testimony, and declarations, he has the full power to either dismiss the case or allow it to continue. When he dismisses the case, he has the full power to dismiss it with or without prejudice. 

In 2016, when the judge presiding over Amber Heard's permanent restraining order request dismissed the request, he dismissed it with prejudice. This means that after reviewing all of the evidence she submitted, which included photos (many of the same photos she included in her response to Depp's lawsuit), text messages (also included in her response), witness statements (also included in her response), her own declaration (many of the same incidents she mentioned in 2016 also appear in her current response, except she's altered them now, and she included new claims)...the judge did not feel as though any of it was sufficient to allow the case the possibility of being re-opened or re-filed. 

In short, he thought she was full of shit. If he HAD thought she had even a shred of substantial evidence, he would have either called for the case to continue, or he would have allowed her to re-file at any given time.

Case closed. The domestic violence case was dropped, and they settled the divorce. She got seven million dollars because she was entitled to it by California divorce law, and presumably it was over. 

But then, Heard decided to make her non-existent claims the centerpiece of her career. She used those claims to make her way into being a darling activist, into fueling her acting career, and networking with people that were willing to buy her lies. 

After a long string of similar articles, she did write an article in the Washington Post that indirectly referenced her being a "victim" at the hands of Johnny Depp, and Depp absolutely had the right to sue over that article. Her claims had never been proven, and she has no business talking about them as though they had. Objectively, that is just how the law works. 

I see that you are calling into question whether her indirect mention of Depp was grounds for a lawsuit. Since she wasn't the "victim" of anyone else that we know of, and since the article talks about her speaking up about violence against women because she herself is a victim...there isn't anyone else she could be talking about. She may as well have said Johnny Depp's name, because it is all over the article. 

You say that there is "evidence that has been well documented". Sure, she has a bunch of photographs, text messages, etc. etc. 

But did you even consider taking a closer look at any of it? Probably not, because why on earth would anyone question a woman under any circumstances. 

Fortunately, I don't conform to that idiotic logic. So, let's start with her photographs. 

I am going to assume that you have actually read her declaration. The incidents she describes there are extremely brutal. She is thrown around rooms, hit in the face for extended periods of time, drug around by the hair, slapped, cut, struck by projectiles, shoved, kicked, screamed at, etc. etc. 

But, when you look at her photographs, compared to other photographs of domestic violence victims that suffered the same violence that she did...hers are a little lacking. From an objective point of view, none of her photographs match or line up with the incidents she describes. She would have been a bloody mess (even after cleaning up), and she looks next to fine in those pictures. 

She has a photograph of what looks suspiciously like rhinoplasty aftermath, she has a photograph of a perfectly straight pink line on her face from an "iPhone", she has a photograph of her being tired (a few of those actually), she has a bunch of photographs of the condo (more on that in a minute), she has photographs of cutting scars (because that is what they most likely are), and she has some photographs of "messages" written by Johnny to her. (Except they are more like her handwriting than they are his.) Her photograph of the hair also doesn't match the way she described it being pulled out. The hair itself isn't not hair that was pulled out at the root, and her scalp does not look like hair was pulled out of it. 

Call me a skeptic, but within her photographs alone, there is enough discrepancy for me to call her entire case into question. 

Moving on to her text messages. Besides the fact that Stephen Deuters denied that the conversation ever took place, she never had them fully verified by a forensic technology expert. All of the other text messages are suspicious to anyone who has any training at all in analyzing word flow, dialogue, and speech. What do you know, I have an Honor's degree in Rhetoric, so that applies to me. Nothing in her texts suggests that she feared for her life at any time, or that she was brutally beaten at any time.

Her witness statements. If you take a closer look at Raquel's, iO's, and Heard's declarations in the 2016 restraining order case, you will find that there are some sections between the three that are wildly different, and some sections that have the exact same wording). It is almost like they met up and decided on some main points that all three needed to have, but forgot to fine tune the details. Woops. 

Your next statement says to me that not only do you not believe she ever assaulted him, you don't even want to consider his side of the story. Gender must be pretty strong evidence for you, huh? Men are big scary violent monsters, and women are weak frail helpless victims.  

You mention his finger, but fail to mention this photo. Probably because it is a little inconvenient for your narrative. 

Before we move on, I am going to provide a few educational videos for you:

It’s ignited fury among social media users, many of whom seem to have accepted the claims at face value, seeing fit to demand apologies on behalf of Depp, the “real victim all along”.

Now you are just deliberately twisting the truth. It was not only that photograph, or the photograph of his black eye, that caused people to change their minds.  His court filing had something to do with it as well. It included many impartial witness statements, his account of what happened, and a demand for a jury trial. I am not sure what sort of guilty person would be suing their victim without being able to prove that their victim is lying, and I certainly don't know of any guilty person that demands a jury trial. 

Now, perhaps. But the injury was already spoken about in the original case against Depp, when Heard testified he wrote “easy Amber”and “starring Billybob” mirrors in his own blood, just to slut-shame and terrify her, convinced she was sleeping with co-star Billy Bob Thornton. (Both have denied the affair.)

She also claims that he did all of this while high on ecstasy. 

Consider a moment, someone with the severe finger injury that you saw in the photograph, dipping said finger in paint (a chemical) and then using said finger to write the message to the left. 

I don't really care what kind of drugs a person is on (barring maybe meth), if you dip a partially severed finger in paint, you are going to be in significant pain. Depp would have had to dip his finger in the paint more than once to write this message. 

Furthermore, I see no blood on that mirror, and he would have been bleeding a lot. 

Unless he bleeds blue. 

Let's talk about that finger thing. Number one, she has changed that story at least once. First, he punched a mirror and then wrote with the bloody finger, then he smashed a phone and wrote with the bloody finger, 

She claims that he injured his finger, and then dipped it into a bucket of paint and wrote all over the mirror. 

Depp has also accused Heard of cheating on him with Telsa founder Elon Musk, who she was linked to in April 2017. He said his ex-wife was “spending time in [the] new relationship” as soon as a month after they wed — something Musk has denied, insisting they became involved after Heard filed for divorce and, even then, only infrequently for several months.

He has video evidence of Musk visiting her in her and Depp's condo. Nothing more to say about that. 

A clear pattern emerges here — one of Depp accusing Heard of being promiscuous, which is a common stereotype of bi women and no doubt plays into their higher odds of being abused.

Can you people PLEASE stop using the biphobia argument? It is irrelevant and means absolutely nothing in this case. 

AAAAAAND then you go on to include her GirlGaze video. Well, all I will say is that...she isn't the best actress, is she?

Recently, a story about a 2009 incident in which Heard was arrested for misdemeanour domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree in an airport, has been touted by Depp’s defenders as evidence of her “violent nature” — despite van Ree herself saying Heard was wrongfully accused by a sexist, homophobic staff member.

I had to take a few moments to laugh at this statement. You got most of it right, surprisingly. Most

Are we referring to police officers as staff members now? Interesting. 

It was, in fact, the police officer that van Ree accused of being sexist and homophobic. A lesbian gay rights activist police officer. 

Her name is Beverly Leonard. 

They do this while conveniently ignoring Depp’s own history of losing his temper — from smashing a hotel room to pieces while fighting with then-girlfriend Kate Moss, to allegedly attacking crew members on set.

First, no charges of domestic violence were ever brought against Johnny for the hotel incident. Kate has always had good things to say about him. Therefore, no proof exists there of being an abuser. 

Regarding the Rocky incident, he has damn near dropped his own case after evidence emerged that Depp never physically struck him. So, again, no proof. It wasn't "overlooked" it was just proven wrong. Sorry. (A write up of the Rocky incident is included on this site under "Court".)

Of course, it’s hard to witness childhood heroes become villains, and it might feel nicer to say Heard made everything up so we can go back to thinking Depp is a good person, albeit one who hasn’t done any good acting in a while. This “I woke up and it was all a dream” version of the story is easier than facing the conflict of seeing Depp as a troubled abuser.

This whole paragraph is stunningly ignorant, and 90% of it is irrelevant. His acting has no relevance on this case. Him being a "childhood hero" has no relevance on this case. 

And I don't suggest that Heard made it all up because it "feels nice". I suggest that Heard made it all up because Heard made it all fucking up. Stop reassigning my motivations please. Thank you.

You go on to babble a lot about how false accusations are not common. Maybe not at one point, but with the advent of the internet and social media, they are skyrocketing. 

It doesn't matter how well anyone knows Heard or Depp. Irrelevant. 

The relationship was not mutually abusive. 

We do know who is lying. 

Again, stop with the fucking biphobia bullshit, and what does age have to do with it? Depp is not biphobic, anyone with a brain can see that. 

Don't care how famous Depp is, irrelevant. 

Her texts were never fully "verified", and the man who did the "verifying" sent his statement to People Magazine, instead of to the court. 

The joint statement contains no proof that either of them were abusive. 

Depp is suing her for character defamation, yes. In doing this, he has to prove that her accusations of abuse are 100% false. All he cares about is clearing his name. 

We know every time Heard has spoken out about domestic abuse, she has somehow been punished for it.

We know she never benefited financially from the divorce settlement, nor has her career been advanced in any tangible way because of the allegations she made.

Lol. Right. She didn't become the most darling activist in the world, covering every magazine with her survivor story, making headlines with her philanthropy,  and getting to speak at 234293048 events. 

The most important thing we know is, nothing new has come to light as a result of Depp’s case yet. While Depp claims to have security footage and witness statements disproving Heard’s allegations, they are yet to materialise. The “evidence” that has been presented on social media is simply hearsay from Depp’s statement — and if that’s enough “proof” for you, we have a serious problem.

I'm sorry, are you being intentionally dense? We have seen one of the security tapes, and we have access to a large amount of witness statements in his court filing, which you also evidently haven't read. Embarrassing. 

A lawyer cannot state that his client has evidence (87 security tapes, at least 17 impartial eye witness statements, audio recordings, photographs, and other women Heard has abused) if his client does not have that evidence. Period. 

Also, Samantha McMillen, Heard's previous stylist, has testified that she worked with Heard the entire day on December 16th, 2015 (a day after the most "brutal beating of her life), and saw her with absolutely no injuries. She was makeup free for the majority of the day. 

They have also retrieved the call logs of the May 21st, 2016 911 call. The call was made an hour and a half after the incident occurred. 

It’s one thing to not know who you believe, but if you are inclined to disbelieve Heard in spite of the mountain of evidence on her side, while demanding we as a society apologise to Depp, who has not yet presented a lick of it, you should ask yourself why.

And you should stop pretending to advocate for victims of violence when you are so keen to believe their accused abusers over them.

You don’t get to say Amber Heard has made it harder for abuse victims to speak up. Because it’s not domestic abuse victims you care about, is it? It’s men.

There is no mountain of credible evidence on her side. She has no credible evidence. She never will. 

Depp is presenting his evidence, but unlike Heard, he is giving it all to the court first before he shows it to anyone else. 

No one is keen to believe the accused over the accuser. Just this particular case, and any other case where it is obvious the person is lying. This isn't an attack on women to silence them, sweetie, this is an attack on one woman who is abusing the system that allows her to do whatever the fuck she wants to a man and get away with it. 

I get to say that Amber Heard has made it harder for victims to speak up, because her false accusation, along with every other false accusation that is made, makes it harder for people to believe actual victims. 

Try and stick to actual facts instead of gender bias and tired arguments from your freshman sociology class. Then come back and present a new sensible argument. 

Thank you.

(For anyone wanting to read it, I have included screenshots of her article below:

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