The good article. The rebound from Rolling Stone. An excellent piece of writing from Jonathan Heaf. This shows the true Johnny, and the truth that Rolling Stone failed to convey. 

Take a look at snippets from the article here, where I will discuss each piece.

There will also be a link included where you can read the full article. 

This is a man that has had betrayal come from almost every angle of his life. His professional partners, his wife, his family…he was living in a hell for four years, maybe even longer. And to try and suggest, like some people have, that his experience was invalid because of reasons A, B, and C (rich, a man, a “wife-beater”, no talent)…this is coming from the people that are advocating for men’s equality…these are the people that are standing up and saying that men’s issues matter too, that we should listen to men…and then they turn around and say “fuck Johnny Depp”. These people are nothing but hypocrites that only pretend to believe in the causes that they make themselves out to be champions of, blinded by a greedy media and their lies.

This is also a man that despite all of that betrayal, despite all of the lies and the deceit he had to put up with…stood by the one thing that mattered, the one thing that would continue to matter above all else…the truth. He knew the truth, he knew what the media could never change, what Amber Heard could never change…it was just a matter of revealing that truth the right way. 

People like to paint Johnny Depp as just another product of the Hollywood machine, as just another actor, just another crazy celebrity…but all one has to do to dismiss that notion is read this paragraph, because ultimately, all Johnny Depp is…is a human being. 

Here, he talks candidly about the video that was leaked by TMZ showing an angry Depp…a video that has been called ‘heavily edited’ and a video that is an obvious act of entrapment and gas lighting. 

The video was made on purpose to A. paint him as a violent man, and B. to sway the opinion of both on-the-fence people, and further solidify an opinion already shared by many: He was an abusive monster.

But the video in question, even despite being edited, doesn’t show that. It shows an angry man that just found out he had lost millions of dollars. I would be angry too, and I might even throw something or wreck a pillow. 

That does not make a person abusive. 

This one speaks for itself. Defamation of character, a tarnishing of your image into the opposite of what you actually are…even to a person who cares very little for the opinions of others…that blatant misrepresentation can hurt anyone.  

This is a man that will do  a n y t h i n g  to protect those that he loves. That is his priority above anything else. 

Can a person really believe that he would turn around and hurt those people?

I rest my case.

His kids. That is all this man gives a shit about. His kids and the people that support him. Everyone else is just a fart in the wind for their opinion of him. 

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