Disclaimer: I don't necessarily agree with many of the posts on Jamber, now that I have read through the blog (namely the post with Johnny and the pap), so I am just using this information for educational purposes, not because I fully support JamberNews. Nothing personal to the author of JamberNews. I do NOT agree with any of the posts speculating about his drug/alcohol use (I believe them to be invasive and incorrect). I do not agree with any post speculating about his health or appearance. 

In conclusion, based on the overall tone and material of this blog, I DO NOT support JamberNews, and am only using these posts because they contain useful information.

By Candace Taylor - Johnny Depp Lists Five Penthouses


Sept. 21, 2016 10:40 a.m.

Wealthy buyers often combine units to create a large home. Actor Johnny Depp took another tack when he bought five adjacent penthouses in downtown Los Angeles: He kept them largely separate, living in them “like rooms in a home,” according to real-estate agent Kevin Dees of Partners Trust. Now Mr. Depp is putting his unusual spread on the market for $12.78 million.

Mr. Depp’s five condo units—four two-bedrooms and one one-bedroom—are perched atop the Eastern Columbia Building, a circa 1930 art deco structure known for its four-sided clock tower, said Mr. Dees, who is listing the property with colleague Nick Segal.

According to public records, Mr. Depp bought the condos from the developer for about $7.2 million in a series of transactions between 2007 and 2008. He then left the layout of each apartment as it was. He added doorways connecting three of the units, which he used as his living and entertaining space, while the other two served as an art studio and a guest suite.

Mr. Dees said the units, which total about 11,500 square feet, can be purchased together or separately, but declined to specify the prices of the individual apartments. He added that the units can be easily separated if a buyer prefers.

The home has several private terraces, and the walls are painted in vibrant blues and greens that mirror the building’s colorful exterior. One wall is covered with a mural by Brazilian street artists Osgemeos . Mr. Depp chose to keep the units separate because he didn’t want to disrupt the “integrity” of the spaces, said Mr. Dees.

The move comes a few months after Mr. Depp relisted his compound in the South of France for around $56 million—more than double its previous asking price. Last month, the actor reached a divorce agreement with actress Amber Heard, who announced that she would donate her $7 million settlement to charity.

Mr. Dees declined to comment on whether the divorce is a reason Mr. Depp is selling the home. He said Mr. Depp has other homes in Los Angeles and felt that “it was the right time to divest of that asset.” Los Angeles has seen several high-profile real estate sales in recent months.

-Wall Street Journal

The Truth Coming Out?


iO Tillet-Wright has proven herself to be a fraudulent, self-serving and machiavellian individual.

Depp brought his brief friendship with her to a swift close after she took it upon herself to include his then 16 year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, for a campaign she was running, in order to boost its profile. She did not consult the parents and hence Depp, together with many close family and friends, were furious with Wright for her thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour. And so, Wright was ostracised by Depp over a year before these recent erroneous allegations came to light.

This came after Wright had spent over six months, rent-free, in one of Depp’s properties, receiving groceries and maid services, hosting numerous parties and befouling his ornate home on a regular basis. Furthermore, in order to assist with a book deal, Depp helped to raise the author’s profile so that she might benefit, only for Wright to eventually usurp Depp and accept a better offer elsewhere. And now, here, she is further profiteering from Depp, by exploiting her flimsy association with him to advertise this book.

Personally, I find it to be a crying shame that she behaves in the lamentable manner that she does, for she brings the genuine and important causes she chooses to represent into grave disrepute.

And these are just a few examples that come quickly to mind. As anyone can see, Wright is a person of highly dubious character (and remarkably selective memory), who regards the truth as a tool to mould and subvert in order to serve her own disingenuous agendas.

Readers should take great caution with her words.

iO Wright Trying For 15 More Minutes


She Just  can’t shut her mouth.  It’s impossible. What fuels it? Not activism, not an  I must do what’s right!” It’s probably fueled by “I was, and am in love with her”  HER actions speak louder than “I’m just doing what’s right and being supportive.

iO Tillet Write has this idea in her head,  because she lived on the same property with Johnny and Amber, ON the same property not IN the same house, she is the end all be all on Amber’s “beatings”.

iO ALWAYS arrived to the scene of the horrible alleged whippings, and Johnny was already gone.  That’s how it happened with iO, and that’s how it happened with Raquel – (The yoga porn star of the Eastern building.) They were always called once Johnny had left. (Not during the time she was allegedly getting her ass beat, and needed help) No, AFTER it allegedly happened so Amber could show them the “crime scene”  “Look this is where he beat my ass for being such a manipulative brat.”

I knew it wouldn’t be long until iO HAD to get her name out there and today was not a let down. She’s running her mouth again. I’m going to back her up….into a fucking corner. I don’t give a fuck. It’s on.

  • I don’t give a fuck what iO feels like she is today. Male, female, dog, it, gerbil. She has a vagina so today I will be referring to her as the chapstick + lesbian that continues to want her 15 minutes.

  • iO was NEVER EVER EVER Johnny Depp’s friend BEFORE she knew Amber Heard. Stop  fucking lying. Enough is enough. iO met him through Amber – and she’s used his name to further her own career / fame.

  • The only person who stabbed anyone was the three brats. Amber, iO, and Raquel. Depp hasn’t stabbed anyone. Do you see his ass out there talking it up?? NOPE. The ONLY people doing that is iO and Amber.  iO just won’t STFU about it, Period.  The restraining order was dropped, as were the domestic abuse charges and yet iO is still trying to push those lies on the general public. Sorry iO Amber dropped that shit like a hot potato after Depp, and his attorneys brought their evidence, and threw it down for Amber, and her shit for brains attorneys to see.

  • Publicity is dying out, isn’t it iO?  Amber isn’t getting much publicity, and I KNOW iO isn’t. Get  a little money for the article that was published today? Still using Depp’s name for money??  

  • Neither iO nor Amber want to  go on, and “Live their happy lives since the divorce” because they both keep talking. iO with this article, and Amber calling the paps to remote places in London they rarely photograph persons at.

Here’s a huge hint. NO ONE CARES in the end iO. We are aware – the world is aware you came to know Johnny through Amber, who you care for deeply. (“My Love Amber” IG)

Now go on with your lives, and do it the old fashioned way. EARN IT.

The 7 Million Donation


“This was never about money” – Amber Heard

I’m going to keep this simple because the tax shit is confusing. The agreement was for 7 million. Amber Heard said she was donating it all the charity. Johnny Depp then donates the 7 million to said charities on her behalf. DOING her an actual favor so she won’t have to pay out close to 1.4 million come tax time.

YET once the donations are given, Amber Heard, and lawyers start bitching – complaining that Johnny has to pay 14 million. Not 7. Why? Because he gets a tax break. They are trying to say  that Depp donating the money wouldn’t  be paying an actual 7 million once he gets his tax break from the donations.

The money – 7 million- if you want to look at the facts, has ALREADY been taxed. (last years income – which the settlement amount came from) so he already gave money to the IRS. Already taxed.

If this isn’t, and wasn’t ever about money, Amber Heard is throwing a fit because she won’t have to possibly pay taxes of almost 1.4 million? That doesn’t seem to be a reason why anyone would get upset. More like she should be happy she got a break. The money was donated IN HER NAME. She gets the credit for donating it.

UNLESS she wasn’t going to donate the 7 million in its entirely to begin with. A last minute “Oh this, and that came up, this expense, that expense, and I’ll only be donating 2 million to you ACLU, and 1 million to you LACH”   Thus pocketing the rest of what were “unexpected expenses”

Depp donated the 7 million to the charities she chose. The 7 million agreed upon.

Amber Heard has an issue with the fact HE did it, and she never saw or touched the money.

Elon Musk Has been Pursuing Amber – For Years


The two, who have been spotted together, nearly met on the set of Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete Kills,’ in which Heard had a role and Musk made a cameo.

Newly single Amber Heard recently has been seen about town with a new pal — Elon Musk. Turns out it was a friendship in the making for four years, ever since the Tesla founder nearly met Johnny Depp’s now-former wife while doing a cameo in Robert Rodriguez’s 2013 film Machete Kills, in which Heard had a role (as Miss San Antonio). Musk, 45, didn’t have a scene with Heard, 30, but apparently became infatuated anyway, according to a source close to the set, and began sending emails to Rodriguez and others — some made available to THR through a confidential source — asking him to set up a rendezvous.


“If there is a party or event with Amber, I’d be interested in meeting her just out of curiosity,” Musk wrote. “Allegedly, she is a fan of George Orwell and Ayn Rand … most unusual.” Rodriguez and team did indeed set up a dinner, but Heard — who was dating Depp at the time — didn’t show, leading Musk to try again. “Can you send her a note saying I would like to get together for lunch in LA?” he emailed the Rodriguez team again. “Am not angling for a date. I know she’s in a long-term relationship, but … Amber just seems like an interesting person to meet.”

Despite recent reports that the two have been spending a lot of time together, a source close to Musk contends that it’s nothing romantic: “As for now, they are just friends.”

Amber Calls Bullshit On Donation


Amber Heard has just fired back at Johnny Depp, saying if he really cares about donating Amber’s divorce settlement he’ll ante up $14 million, not $7 mil … and in fact she’s insisting on that.

Amber’s team tells TMZ, Johnny is not being up-front about his latest move … giving Children’s Hospital of L.A. and the ACLU the $7 million earmarked for Amber.

Amber said last week she would donate the settlement money to the 2 charities, but her people tell us if Johnny sends the money directly to the 2 organizations he’s not really paying $7 mil, because he gets a charitable tax deduction.

And we’re told Amber’s position is that the money is not Johnny’s to give away.

Amber’s people tell TMZ, “If Johnny wishes to change the settlement agreement, we must insist that he honor the full amount by donating $14M to charity, which after accounting for his tax deduction, is equal to his $7M payment obligation to Amber.”

The team goes on … “We would also insist that the full amount be paid immediately and not drawn out over many years.”

They blast Johnny’s team, saying, “Anything less would be a transparent attempt by Johnny’s counsel, Laura Wasser and Patti Glaser, to reduce their client’s true payment by half under the guise of newfound concern for charities that he has never previously supported.”

Contrary to that … Johnny’s team tells us he was honored by the Children’s Hospital of L.A. in 2006 for his work with children worldwide.

Amber’s Statement – Video


“I am not responsible for the release of the video. It was not what I wanted and I am doing what I can to force the media to take it off the internet,” she said in a statement to E! News. “I underestimated the toll that this difficult few months have taken on me, emotionally and physically, and the efforts made by the media to intimidate and discredit me.”

She continued, “It is for that reason, and my desire to make the healthiest choice for myself, and hopefully for Johnny, that I am attempting to resolve this matter in the most private way possible.”


Are you kidding me? It was on her phone. Who did she send it to for it to get leaked? The word “private” should not come out of her mouth. Nothing she has done is to keep this private. This was done purposefully. She was going to settle today and wanted that one last side stab/back stab out to the public.

What happened? Did she drop the DV charges today, and settle?

Lying. Nothing but lies her whole life.

Amber Heard IS LYING


Amber Heard threw a bitch fit, AKA Veruca Salt moment this past Saturday when she was to be deposed.


Amber Heard refused to go under oath Saturday for her deposition, crying, yelling and screaming in defiance … so claim Johnny Depp‘s lawyers, who want the judge to call BS on her and dismiss the domestic violence case.

TMZ broke the story, Amber showed up around 11:50 AM Saturday for a 10 AM deposition. She was there until around 9 PM but never even walked in the deposition room, where lawyers, a court reporter and videographer were waiting.

According to new legal docs filed by Johnny’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, Amber repeatedly refused to submit to questioning. According to the docs, at 2 PM Wasser and company wanted Amber to leave the adjoining office where she had been waiting and enter the conference room so the depo could begin.

According to the docs, Amber refused to enter. At 5:30 PM, Wasser again requested Amber to enter the depo room and again she refused. She never went in the room, instead, according to Wasser, she began crying and carrying on in the adjoining office.

Wasser says Amber also refused to turn over documents she had requested.

Johnny’s team now wants one of 2 things … either an order prohibiting Amber from testifying when the case goes to trial next week, or an outright dismissal of her domestic violence case.

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