just when I thought people were done making long threads about how poor Amber Heard suffered at the

hands of the M O N S T R O U S Johnny Depp, we get Kat. Now, Kat appears to fancy herself to be an expert on domestic abuse. Imagine that, another person who is suddenly an expert on domestic abuse when a pretty white woman is accusing a rich white man. I don't fancy myself to be an expert on domestic abuse, but what I do fancy myself to be an expert on is this case. Having said that, this is going to be a breakdown of why Amber Heard is most definitely not a victim, and how many ways Kat had to perform mental gymnastics to make her into a victim. 

Are you ready, Kat? I hope so.

You start by trying to explain how Johnny Depp could possibly have any injuries to show - they are self defense wounds inflicted by Amber.

This almost makes sense...except when you actually read the shit that Amber claimed happened. And she goes into detail. (Except when she doesn't.)

I'm not going to put every single story she concocted here, because using only a few will be sufficient. You claim that victims aren't always passive...sometimes they fight back. But the only time that Amber claims she fought back in self-defense is when Johnny Depp apparently tried to push her sister down the stairs - a claim, by the way, that is complete perjury. Not the self defense bit, but her saying that that was the only time she ever hit Johnny. In the same deposition, she admitted to other acts of violence against him - we'll get to that. 

Starting with the infamous incident just before the James Corden show. Something you will notice throughout her stories is that she seems to know exactly which steps of violence Johnny took against her. She doesn't just say that "he abused her"...she carefully lays out everything he did. 

You will also notice that she never describes hitting him back, yelling at him, or otherwise standing up for herself. She is extremely passive in all of the situations - except for the one with her sister. 

I'm going to assume that you have read all of Amber's stories...she claims that Johnny did all sorts of shit to her here. He dragged her around by her hair, headbutted her nearly breaking her nose, gave her two black eyes, and apparently broke her wrist...I don't know about you, but even ignoring ALL of the other evidence against her, this particular incident makes her a fraud, and I will explain why. 

An attack of this magnitude (being dragged around on broken glass, having many chunks of hair pulled out, a broken nose, facial injuries and who knows what else...

...would put a person in the hospital. Not only did Amber not seek medical attention, she simply texted her publicist Jodi (whom is being subpoenaed by Johnny by the way) to tell her that she "had an accident". We know she didn't seek medical attention because she would have a record of it. She also, apparently, was well enough to appear on the James Corden show the very next day. 


Before I show you pictures of that, I will present Samantha McMillen's testimony: 

Samantha McMillen, Heard's stylist at the time, states here that she was with Amber much of the day on December 16th, less than a day after the alleged horrific attack described above. McMillen claims that she saw Amber in good light for a good length of time without makeup, and there wasn't a single injury on her. She also describes other incidents where she saw Amber after an alleged attack - also with no injuries. Here are the photos of her on James Corden, only a day or so after the December 15th attack:

I don't know about you, but she looks pretty healthy and uninjured to me. There is no hair missing, no busted lip, no broken nose, no black eyes, and no other signs of injury to speak of. 

Super victimy...

This is where Amber claims that she hit Johnny - the only time she hit Johnny. None of her other stories contain incidents of her fighting back or screaming at him or other non-passive behavior.


As I mentioned before, she commits perjury the same exact declaration as the statement that completely contradicts this statement. 


In an audio recording, she admits she meant to hit Johnny because she was trying to force her way into a room that he was in, and he was trying to keep her out. 


I will post that below for your visual pleasure. 

"Punch me in the jaw."

"I meant to hit you."

"But punching you in the jaw you did?"

The reason that Amber Heard never describes herself as a passive victim is because she is flipping the narrative. All of her stories are extracted from the violence that SHE actually inflicted on Johnny, and she is only making him the abuser and her the victim. Johnny Depp never hit Amber Heard. She hit him, many times. There are witnesses testifying to the non-defensive abuse that she carried out against him, including throwing a can of Mineral Spirits paint thinner at him, a remote at his head, a can of Red Bull, and punching him. As of right now, Johnny Depp is the only one with witnesses that actually witnessed abuse. 

You make this claim many times that there is "recorded evidence" of Johnny Depp abusing Amber Heard...when no such evidence exists. The video that was leaked to TMZ came from Amber Heard's cellphone, yes. However, the video was illegally recorded because they were on Depp's property at the time. It was not a shared property. 


Amber Heard never describes any incident involving only her, Depp, and a cellphone (the May 21st "attack" had others involved) so either she, for some reason, chose to omit this particular incident of abuse while writing a novel of the rest of the incidents, or he never hit her after taking the phone from her at the end of the video...which he was very much in the right to do, being that she was breaking the law by illegally recording him in his home. 

Not only did he not hit her after the video was over, he never touched her in the rest of the video either. He throws a wine glass, slams a few cupboards, and tries to get her to leave him alone. Wouldn't you suppose that a violent abuser, not knowing he was being recorded, would have abused his victim while in such an angry state? He doesn't lay a finger on her.

And anyone even a little bit aware of human psychology can see this video for what it is. The actual abuser sitting calmly sipping wine while putting on a nervous act for the camera while she KNOWINGLY gaslights and goads her victim into hitting her. That's right. This was a deliberate attempt by Heard to get Depp to cause her injury. The video was also confirmed to have been highly edited, so who knows what kind of stuff she thought pertinent to remove. 

We? Who's we? First of all, Depp does not have a history of physically assaulting people. Let's start with the paparazzi incident, which I am sure is one of the ones you are including in this "history". 

Right off the bat, his behavior would have been 100% legal today. The paparazzi were harassing him and his pregnant girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis (who has also defended him by the way), so he threatened them. This does not indicate a violent personality. 

The other incident I am sure you are referring to is the hotel room, which interestingly enough, isn't a person. He has openly admitted to this incident, but he never assaulted a person during it. 

Both incidents are not on his record - his record is clean. I know, because I've personally seen it. 

The only thing I am going to say about this is it seems you are suggesting that Johnny Depp is a lot bigger than Amber Heard. He isn't. She is only about two inches shorter than him, and doesn't weigh a whole lot more either. So comparing you as a child/your dad to Johnny and Amber is invalid. 


Ok, so now we get into my favorite part of this entire thing - Depp's witnesses. 

You claim that they are ALL employed by Depp...which is funny, because apparently Johnny Depp has his own police force?


Let's go through those witnesses, shall we?

First, the ones that are actually employed by Depp:

Samantha McMillen - Stylist

Whether this woman is employed by Johnny Depp or not makes no difference, because Johnny Depp is not the only person who employs her. She has a long list of famous clientele who would more than substantially sustain her if she were to lose Depp. 

Kevin Murphy - Estate Manager

This is the man that witnessed the aftermath of Amber Heard throwing a remote control at Johnny Depp's head:

Tara Roberts - Island Estate Manager

This woman worked on Johnny Depp's island in the Bahama's. She witnessed first hand one of the violent attacks that Amber Heard inflicted on Johnny Depp:

Notice that nowhere in this incident does it describe Johnny Depp being the aggressor. Amber is the one attacking and abusing him - he is trying to remove himself from the situation. 

This is also a very telling mark of a narcissist abuser. Attack/apologize/attack. They like to play with their victim by making them think it is over just to start up again. 


Travis McGivern - Personal Security

Yet another man who witnessed a violent attack against Johnny by Amber:

Jerry Judge (RIP) - Personal Security

We have not yet seen a statement from him, but it can be inferred that he witnessed both aftermath of abuse and the abuse itself. 

Sean Bett - Personal Security

We have not yet seen a statement from him, but it can be inferred that he witnessed both aftermath of abuse and the abuse itself. 

Hilda Vargas - Housekeeper

This is is the woman who found the human feces on Johnny Depp's bed. She took photographs. Amber Heard admitted to the fact that it was human feces (later claiming it was from their teacup Yorkie). She also admitted that she participated in the shitting of the feces. 

From Kevin Murphy's declaration:

Starling Jenkins - Personal Security

This is the man that escorted Amber and her friends to Coachella, among other things.

Next, the ones that are not employed by Depp:

Melissa Saenz - Police Officer

One of the responding officers on the night of May 21st, 2016. Here are the important pieces of her declaration:


She describes that she observed no damage to any of the penthouses, and she describes that she observed no damage to Heard. 

Tyler Hadden - Police Officer

One of the responding officers on the night of May 21st, 2016. Here are the important pieces of his declaration:


Brandon Patterson  - ECB Staff

This is the man that Amber Heard asked to to lie for her:

Trinity Esparza - Head of Desk Staffing at ECB

The important bits of her declaration (I may have mixed in pieces from the other ECB witnesses [Gaylinn Summerlin, Alex Romero, and Cornelius Harrel] :


Isaac Baruch - Friend

This man interacted with Amber during the week that she claimed she was suffering the aftermath of the May 21st 2016 attack. 

That is a good bulk of the witnesses that we have learned about. There is also Amber herself, Raquel Pennington, Laura Diverne (a friend of Amber's) and then all of the people that Johnny is subpoenaing (Amanda De Cadanet, Melanie Inglessis, Elizabeth Marz, Joshua Drew, and Jodi Gottlieb). There are also more victims that have come forward to tell their stories involving abuse from Amber Heard. 

A couple of final notes. You do not know Amber Heard, nor do you know people who know Amber Heard, because if  you did, you wouldn't be speaking about it on Twitter. (Then again, some other friends of hers have babbled on social media too). This only adds you to the list of irresponsible people if you do, in fact, have connections to her. 

There is no smear campaign against Amber Heard. She tried to smear Johnny Depp.

If you require any more evidence, there is plenty to be found on this website, including further court documents, extortion letters, photographs, etc.

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